Fall has arrived and the trees sure look beautiful outside!  The temperature finally allows for windows to be open and me personally, I LOVE the cooler temperature at night as it is great sleeping weather.

That being said, the time of year for sniffles and coughing is right around the corner.  You may be aware that there has been an uptick in COVID-19 again as well.  In order to help all of us stay as healthy as possible, we would like to once more remind you of the following precautionary measures:

  1. If you are coughing and sneezing, have a fever, or are just not feeling well physically, please call us to cancel your appointment.  We will be happy to reschedule you, and you can stay home, put your feet up, and get some rest.


  1. A good “rule of thumb” is that if you or your child were too sick to go to school and/or work that day, your child/you are too sick to attend a therapy appointment.


  1. If you are scheduled to visit with your case manager, SOC coordinator, or homebased therapist at your home and you or anyone in your household is sick, please call to reschedule your appointment.


  1. Please inform your therapist or case manager if you or anyone in your household has been found to have a communicable disease or infestation (e.g. headlice, bed bugs, flu, COVID, RSV, pneumonia, etc.). We depend on you to help our staff to stay healthy in order to serve you.


  1. If you or anyone in your household are currently recovering from a recent COVID-19 infection, please wear a mask until at least ten days after getting sick. If you do not have a mask we have masks available to you, please ask front office staff to get you one.

We have anti-bacterial hand sanitizer available in our waiting room, and at the doors by the restrooms.  Please use the hand sanitizer after you cough, blow your nose, or had to sneeze, and please cough and sneeze into your elbow to prevent the spread of illness.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we wish all of you a healthy winter season!


Roswitha Konz, MA, LPC, QMHP

Clinical Director